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    Lächeln Where to buy Essence cosmetics online?

    Hi everyone! :lachen:
    My name is Astasia and 'm writyng from Italy.
    Excuse me if i make my presentation here but i'm a little in difficult with deutch.:confused: so i don't know if there is a special forum.

    I need some help from you...
    There is an online store where i can buy the Essence cosmetics?
    In Italy this brand is arrived but the ditribution is not very good...
    Can you help me?
    I have already written a tone of mail to all Essence/Cosnova address but i haven't received neither a little answer... :thumbdown:

    Many thanks

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    You can buy some stuff here: http://www.rossmann.de/

    But I don't know if they're shipping to italy..
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    I'm just visited it but it has a very small range of essence cosmetics... :( and i'm searching for somewhere where i can buy the new collection or the last ones...
    Is it possibile that there ins't a online store that sell that item? I'm searching for a while but i can't find nothing... :confused:
    Astasia :lachen:

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    Hey Astasia,
    I am quite astonished that you haven't received any answer from cosnova until now, but unfortunately, I guess you have to visit Germany to buy the stuff ;-)
    Sorry, I don't have a positive answer either.

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    But I don't know if they're shipping to italy..

    No, unfortunately they don't.

    Kann ich aus dem Ausland bestellen?
    Wir liefern ausschließlich an Lieferadressen innerhalb Deutschlands. Lieferungen ins Ausland sind leider nicht möglich.

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    Is it possibile that there isn't?
    Actually i don't have in plan to go to German ;) so i have to resolve in other way this "important" problem...

    Now it is passed about a month from the first mail to essence...noone answer to me...

    But thanks to all of you for the support!!! :verliebt:
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